• Client: Stickyeyes
  • Project: Digital Minute
  • Creative Director: James Pierechod
  • Creative & Production company: Stickyeyes

Project_inner Imagery (0-00-04-21)_REBRANDDM

As part of a continued effort to both increase the internal communication with clients, and industry professionals and help acclimatise the team to media training, presentation, and personal branding. We developed the bi – monthly “Digital Minute”. This 71 second short industry narrative, is designed to help drive further content discovery to Stickyeyes insights pages, introduce new technology or data / algorithm changes to clients, or simply explain complex industry analytics, in a short and straightforward manner.

This project has been running for over 2 years now and has played host to over 30 presenters, 5 cameramen, 3 sound mixers, and over 350 hours of production work.

Project_inner Imagery (0-00-00-00)_DM

The ideation, creative and production has been honed and refined over the 50+ episodes, with all aspects of the scripting, filming, production, animation, and distribution now taking under 6.5 hours per episode.

Project_inner Imagery (0-00-04-21)_REBRAND

*EDIT – We have just completed a re-brand to the full digital Minute sweet in celebration of our 50th Episode!