• Client: Hertz
  • Project: “60 Seconds in the US”
  • Creative Director: James Pierechod
  • Creative & Production company: Stickyeyes

Project_inner Imagery (0-00-04-24)_USHERTZ

A continuing content campaign created for Hertz Global. This series is designed to increase the Hertz video SEO footprint, and increase time on site. The content titles are all dynamically generated using digital data analytics, localised branch conversation and keyword data insights.

Stickyeyes created this series of US focused location content pieces. The aim to help consumers with their travel suggestions when visiting the US. A localised collection targeting holiday makers travelling to the US. The goal of the content is to offer a wider opportunity to travellers beyond those found in the standard guide books and travel information. Hire a car travel a little further.

Project_inner Imagery (0-00-04-24)4

Following a redevelopment and creative overhaul of the Hertz video video distribution channels, these video assets are created on a localised, translated and native format, allowing local Hertz video producers, agents, bloggers and branch advocates, to shoot and edit their own Hertz content, using the editable templates, and broadcast toolkits supplied.

Stickyeyes continue to analyse, creative and production the “60 Seconds in…” series for Hertz in all EU markets, deployed locally and gracefully on all social / video / and onsite location pages.