• Client: Hertz
  • Project: 60 Seconds in….
  • Creative Director: James Pierechod
  • Creative & Production Company: Stickyeyes

Continuing our hugely successful organic video content creation and deployment campaign over the past 12 months. We were expanding the creative, and the approach into wider Hertz markets. This new creative angle, and wider localised versions allowed us to approach the visual from a live action (stock) position.


Using a mixture of GFX (mapping) geographical centres, animated still + typography, and sequenced stock footage, to create these internationally relevant video content streams.

Designed to drive organic discovery traffic from YouTube, and increase dwell time on the location landing pages, these video guides not only help educate viewers on the surrounding locations (everything around Naples, not just Naples itself), but also bring awareness to possibilities beyond a traditional “Trip Advisor” search.  Hertz were using this as an opportunity to hero the road less travelled, and bring discovery back to holiday travel.