• Client: MBNA
  • Project: Blue Monday
  • Creative Director: James Pierechod
  • Creative & Production Company: Stickyeyes


Well, known as the “saddest” day in the year, the 3rd Monday in January is when everyone needs a little perk up. MBNA wanted to help early morning grafters wake up a little more cheerier than usual with a FREE COFFEE! We hired; actors, coffee shops, and a bunch of camera crews around London – just to spread a little morning java.

This was a tough edit. All shot, edited, and deployed within 3 hours of commencement. The edits were handled live, with a full mobile edit suite being created in one of the coffee shops. The crew fed their rushes back to the editing suites for sequencing and categorisation in regular internals.

The campaign was rolled out in sub content edits over the course of the morning, getting more and more people engaged. PS – Not doing that again! One of the hardest directing roles I have ever been part of.

No more live editing PLEASE!