• Client: Plumbee
  • Project: Marketing, Digital, Video, and PR Collaterol
  • Creative Director: James Pierechod
  • Creative & Production company: Stickyeyes
  • Production Timeline: 90 days

This project was a full creative and marketing consultation and development, including; Digital SEO strategy development, redesign and build of online presence, PR and social content, video and social video content, photography, and inter office artworks. The output included 5 interviews (departmental).

Project_inner Imagery (0-00-00-17)
We directed an onsite shoot over 2 days, capturing a full host of digital and PR (media ready) photography on day 01, and 5 short key staff interviews on day 02, including a host of B roll content to subsidise future media productions, all rushes were supplied in 10 bit 4K clips.

The initial creative focused on the clients propensity to recruitment, and office politics – rather than company PR. This creative began prevalent through both the static imagery and video content, and became the focus of the interview content.

We delivered; edited and media ready imagery and video, to refresh their entire marketing and PR communications for the next 12 – 18 months. All content (including a simple digital broadcast toolkit) was then supplied to Plumbee as part of Stickyeyes’s refreshed Marketing strategy for 2015.

Project_inner Imagery (0-00-01-16)

This content refresh was also part of a full digital strategy solution, now live at plumbee.com