• Client: Solopress
  • Project: The PheroCard
  • Creative Director: James Pierechod
  • Creative & Production company: Stickyeyes

As part of our work with Solopress, we developed a campaign for launch on April Fools day, to help drive Brand Awareness. We have a long standing experience in creating integrated creative and digital marketing experiences, especially around cultural experience events.

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We created a series of launch materials associated with the creation of a new product line. The product was a scent customised business card, infused with the pheromones of specific celebrity, business and sporting heroes. The customer was able to select the level of pheromone and sort of scent used in each collection of cards.

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The production involved creating landing pages, product pages, marketing PR media, broadcast video content, and eCommerce funnels for the viewers to experience. We used social and pre-planned SEO techniques to ensure the creative was viewed by the largest audience.

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The advert was designed to lightly poke fun at the proposed product line, by suggesting a homage between the American Psycho and a product advert. The creative features a confident protagonist who is using these cards to get ahead in business and oozes success because of it.

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